thank you

dear baby jesus.
thank you for music. please send my peace corps letter in the mail.
love you.
all. ways.



in less than one minute it will officially be november 18. 2010. my 33rd birthday. 33. here you are. you've met me sweetly and your intricate design has me certain that this will officially be the best year of my life.
i don't know what you have in store for me world but i hope ya ready fah me.
this life light is ready to ignite on a global level.
just say the word.



out there in that sea i found a piece of myself i'd never seen. the softness to my edge. the calmness to my chaos. somewhere out there nestled in the love of my friends i found my silence. i found my heart. i found my piece of light. i wish with all my heart i could say each one of my friends came back with a piece too....but i only know my story. i only know my heart.
so there we are...in tortola. after being grounded in san juan, puerto rico due to high winds and that big silver bullet's inability to fly in such conditions. i'll be damned if we weren't sitting on the runway waiting and ready to push and when push time came...we turned right, right, right. one more right....wait...that sign looked exactly the same as the last. then i hear...ladies and gentlemen...if you were paying close attention you will notice we took one right then another then another then another which would have put us...yes. in a direct circle. so we are back exactly where we started waiting for the chaos at the terminal, in the air, and on this plane to suffice. and so we sat. as the gratitude of the baby across from us poured out in unequivocal light we soon took off again to fly to our beginnings.
st. thomas. u.s. virgin islands.
when we arrived here we were supposed to meet the taxi to take us to the ferry to get us to our sailboat....the ferry that left an hour ago.
plane discussion...
(people in seat across from us) : yes...are you girls trying to get to tortola?
we are as well and we are talking to a private ferry service since we are going to miss our ferry as well to try and get us there...it will be seven million dollars per person....
{aside....previously...in wilmington i had called to arrange the ferry/taxi service and was in line with island time. when we were grounded we got in line with said cab driver who stayed in line with us....}
plane takes off...lands in our st thomas destination. what do we find upon arrival...my name placated on a sign outside of the airport. after the stress of wondering how to come up with seven million dollars i realize i have arrived home and will be taken care of sufficiently. kevin...our taxi driver informs us he will be taking us to the ferry. the one that he has waiting for us due to the fact that a church group had needed it just before us and so had it reserved to unexpectedly bring it back to us...on time.
and so it was...the beginning of our trip. in purpose on purpose and on real time.

sweet breezy lovely ferry ride in the dark. you set the spark in my soul. you let me know that this was the road i had always taken before i knew which route to let my soul follow. arrival on julia came with a sweet sense of satisfaction to know that our vessel was named after the beatles song....julia...ocean child calls me...seashell eyes...windy smile...i sing the song of love...julia.

she set me free that vessel. we arrived upon our first destination with sweet satisfaction of a job well done. four girls tailoring and mooring a boat on their own breaks all norms....as if we hadn't already done that a million times separately in our own lives. here we were sitting on a line connected...in the midst of the carribean. dear dinghy...will you steer us to willy t's. here is where the story ends because what happens on willy t's stays on willy t's. enough to say we set our souls out to the world...and the world continued to tie to ours.

ahhhhhhhhhh. cooper island here we come. sailing your way after finding the sweet groove of the ocean's dance with the wind. sun. thank you so much for cooperating even though your yang may have been a bit decompensated by our powerful powerful yin. we are still just reflections. dinghy. dinghy. you are my ego check. the said arrival on cooper island would prove to be the testing grounds. the beauty is that our light...our life...always triumphs.

so here we are in your winds, your stars, your heart. testing ours so that we may show you just how much love we have. how much we can bend and flex with the tides to always set things right. midnight mooring complication. midnight mooring fixed. daytime storm. daytime boat roll...daytime push out.

rolling seas. solid breeze. this life never escapes me. i find myself in your pushing tides...in your challenging rides. i find my solace in the places others don't want to be. i find my peace riding the flux of everyone's furrow. i found myself out on that sea because my sisters allowed me to be. love. light. truth. night. wrong. right. be. ing. tell me what you hear. tell me what direction you think we should go. tell me how to bend with the flow. tell me how to be silent when i want to speak. tell me how to speak when i want to be silent. tell me how to find my heart when it's hidden and tell me how to hide my heart when it's too easy to find. tell me how to find strength when i need to stand still and please...please tell me how to stand still when i need strength...breathe your breath into me sweet sea salt so that i know this life is real...this is more than what i feel...it is.

dear. tortola.

we love. you.