from one home to another...

something magical has happened....well...not like leprechaun and unicorn magical...but magical nonetheless. this friday passed was my birthday. anyone who knows me knows this is a monumental earth changing event every year. because...let's face it...i'm kind of a big deal. so anyways...as this birthday approached i had high hopes of a huge party with a blend of lucian and american friends...something i wasn't sure i would pull off...and not sure anyone would even come to. i mean...this isn't my native land...soooo...i awoke friday morning with my standard i am awesome feeling but realized quickly it wouldn't be like a birthday back in the states where my phone is blowing up with birthday messages and good tidings. let's face it...first of all i have been through so many phones most people don't even know which number to use...and i don't know as many peeps here as back home. or so i thought. within moments of waking up my phone started going...with love and messages from my lucian family. wait...what?
all day i got texts and phone calls and emails from the people i am connected to here wishing me love and happiness. so i started to think...this is that magical moment i heard about...where you wake up one day and you realize...this is home. i am home. and so it was. as night came my group of friends from all around came over and ate and drank and joined me in what proved to be one of the most fun birthdays i have had to date. we even crashed a wedding...yes. really.

i say all of this not to remind you all of how awesome i am but to make this point....i am leaving today to go to north carolina. thanksgiving with some of my best friends and family. an annual event that is not to be missed. but as i pack my bag and get ready to go...there is a piece tugging at me to stay. a piece attached to this home and the people that make it so. i know when i land in the states i will feel a sense of calm and gratitude for the people i am soon about to hug and love and celebrate. but  i also know that piece i am leaving here will be tugging at me and calling to come back home. what a beautiful thing to have two homes in completely different worlds. full of love and light and beauty.

thank you st lucia for making a spot for me.


ode to october

dear october.
you were tough. you gave me way more than i could have ever bargained for and left me longing for november. not just because november is my birth month, not just because november sends me on a trip home, not just because november comes with the leonid meteor showers...but because you seemingly carried five years worth of life lessons in your thirty-one days. life lessons i haven't even begun to grasp or understand but ones that i know without a doubt will leave me a bigger, better, more loving, kinder human being. once i get on the other side of them. which i hope will be here...with you november. and the beginning of a new year for me.
a new year. new light. new life. new perspective.
welcome. and october...good riddance...please don't come hard like that next year or you aren't invited to 2012.
much love and blessings.