Too Legit...

i'm official. that's right. after 9ish painstaking weeks of training...i have officially been sworn in as a volunteer!!! today was my first actual day in the 'real' world and it was pretty amazing. i spent the day at the cdp and within a few hours of my being there was asked to lead an impromptu session on drugs and their effects...right up my alley. so i got a chance to engage with a group of mostly boys (and one girl) about their experiences, knowledge, and ideas regarding drugs...mainly weed. the best part of this class was that i was entrusted by a staff member with the sole purpose of finding out what they knew and seemingly what they would share. it was incredible because it gave me my first opportunity to show some of my skills and allow at least one staff member to see what i am capable of. it was completely on the fly...but the kids really opened up and shared a lot of their thoughts and feelings with me. they were incredibly honest which was a blessing and made me think either they felt safe enough to open up...or...they own their choices as much as they are capable of at 15. either way...we engaged in a pretty incredible discussion which led the staff member at the end to comment on how much i was able to get out of them. amazing what a little reflective listening and non-judgment will get you. i love my placement so much and i am so grateful to be working with these kids.

tomorrow morning i am heading to a retreat for the form 5 kids at ciceron secondary to give a presentation on stress management. this was another semi-impromptu request from the counselor there who is my counterpart. things are clearly falling into place. thank you universe for all of the paths, thoughts, decisions, and falls that got me here. now...please help me manifest a community space to begin teaching yoga in.

all love. all ways.