ode to october

dear october.
you were tough. you gave me way more than i could have ever bargained for and left me longing for november. not just because november is my birth month, not just because november sends me on a trip home, not just because november comes with the leonid meteor showers...but because you seemingly carried five years worth of life lessons in your thirty-one days. life lessons i haven't even begun to grasp or understand but ones that i know without a doubt will leave me a bigger, better, more loving, kinder human being. once i get on the other side of them. which i hope will be here...with you november. and the beginning of a new year for me.
a new year. new light. new life. new perspective.
welcome. and october...good riddance...please don't come hard like that next year or you aren't invited to 2012.
much love and blessings.

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