Camp d'Life

I spent this the second weekend in my new home...away from home. I guess I should rewind a bit. I've moved into my own place in Ciceron...the best community EVER. I have a sweet lil one bedroom that is fully locked and loaded care of my incredible landlord Gertrude. She has ensured that I have every single thing I could think of, including hot water. This may not seem like a big deal but I am one of the few that I know of on island who enjoys this luxury. Interestingly enough, because I have become accustomed to cold showers and hot days, I don't find myself turning the knob on the left very often in the shower. My community is amazing...full of people and action and 24 hour bus service (another luxury many on island do not get to participate in). I truly look forward to becoming a part of the goings-on of Ciceron which will hopefully include the teaching of a yoga class or two at the community center down the hill from my crib. I was privy to assist in a yoga class this weekend for teenagers living with diabetes...hence the name of the blog.

On Friday afternoon I headed to Gros Islet to begin what would be a weekend of non-stop fun, interaction, and education with 18 young people currently living with types I and II diabetes. Let me preface all of this by saying that before Friday I knew about a thumbnails worth of information regarding diabetes. I spent my weekend learning from these amazing kids who immediately bonded with one another and trusted us enough to open up and share their lives for three and a half days. We spent the days playing games, learning, talking, dancing, swimming, and enjoying each other. These kids taught me how easy it is to prick your finger numerous times a day to check blood glucose. They taught me that needles really aren't that scary. They taught me that nothing can keep you down or hold you back if you won't let it. They taught me to live in the moment. They taught me about the resiliency of young people in St Lucia and the non-importance of labels. Most of all they reminded me of the fact that no matter where we come from, how old we are, or what we look like we are all one family. We are all intricately connected to one another through the bond of humanity and only when we are able to peel away ALL layers and labels are we able to truly find ourselves and the light that is our given right when we step onto this planet. I had an amazing weekend with an entire group of people I barely know and feel certain that from that experience I have not only strengthened the bond with myself but also with the whole of humanity. Thank you St Lucia for allowing me to be a part of your family and thank you Camp d'Life for trusting in me and showing me the way.

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