as i was walking to work this morning i had a quiet humbling experience. and it made me question not only myself but humanity as a whole. i was approaching the intersection by the church, which itself is almost telling, and there was a serious traffic backup due to an elderly man getting out of his ride and crossing the street...rather shuffling across the street. traffic was backed up in three directions as he shuffled slowly to make his way around the car and across the street. i walked by slowly taking note of his steps, the shakiness of his body, and the patience of the people in the vehicles that were paused due to his plight. as i passed and thought to myself that i should turn around and assist him across the road, i watched an elderly man, much his own stature link arms and help him cross. as i walked with a newfound smile on my face i watched as everyone sat in their car...waiting. in a place where people are constantly honking at each other for the slightest vehicular pause it was amazing to see no one get anxious or upset. i watched a woman standing next to a van explaining what was going on...and the world paused. the world paused for this man in this moment.

so i started to question myself. why did i have the desire to help him and yet not step to duty? why did we all watch, younger and more apt to assist, while another elderly gentleman stepped to his aid? it fed into the conversation i had once i got to work regarding st lucia as a whole and the plight of the youth here. how my co-worker has seen the attitude of his people become laissez-faire and complacent and how this has spread to the youth. how there is not a push to help each other rise and push each other to grow exponentially. how there are no heroes for kids to look up to. how we won't even stop to help an elderly man cross the street.

so it brought to light the fact that this year is coming to an end. a year that came with great expectations and wound out with longing to do more. so for this next year i vow to do everything in my power to extend my hand and heart in effort to connect and touch those around me. to push with an attitude of perseverance and dedication in order to affect the youth around me in a way that they may too push further and harder than they ever thought they could. i vow to help these kids be bigger, brighter, and fuller human beings so that they may then begin to affect those around them. and more than anything i promise that the next time i see someone shuffling across the street i step to their aid. i will not hesitate for fear. i will not live in fear. i will lead in love. and i will leave my mark in 2012.

happy holidays all. remember how fortunate we are to be.
in love and light.

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