st lucia or bust

so here i am. sitting in the miami airport with 43 other peace corps volunteers awaiting the arrival of our plane that will take us on to the islands mon. it's amazing how all of this still doesn't seem real....
landing in miami....sitting in a room with 40 other people who share the idealistic goals and spirit as me...arriving in the dark to the airport with seemingly hundreds upon hundreds of pounds of luggage...which will surely be too much...sitting here. sitting here....this is really happening. we are really all here about to embark on the journey of a lifetime. it's impressed upon me how intricately unique i am and how much i have to offer this world.
thank you universe for seeing me. thank you for inspiring me. and thank you for supporting me in all that has gotten me here.
i will do you proud.

next time i write....i'll be in st lucia!!!

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