New surroundings.  Finding grounding on the street. Another perfect clarification that I am nowhere other than exactly where I am supposed to be. My host mom, Lucilla, picked me up from the center today and she couldn’t be more fitted for me. First things first-we must go to the market and get a fresh coconut. Wander around a bit and look at the various breadfruit and dasheen that I will soon be learning to cook and eat. I find myself working in the building next door to hers which makes travel to work even easier than I could have imagined.
Our neighborhood is quiet and sweet. Roosters out front. Francis’s splendid garden in back. Grandma quilting on the couch. In either direction from our drive is the most spectacular view of the sea. Walking out to explore I had my first encounter with a Ras.
“Good afternoon.”
The two sweet dogs at the end of the drive act as though they’ve known me for lifetimes. Reggae is playing thru our speakers-the breeze is pushing nothing but kindness and the tease of a brief rain.
I am home. Without a doubt I have found myself settled into my soul that has always, always known this is where I belong.

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