day of babies...

this morning on my way to work i was struggling. because in case you haven't quite deduced yet, i am not a fan of castries...especially castries morning commuting. that being said...i was on the lookout for beauty. it was hard pressed to find but as i was walking there was a man strolling ever so gently with his son on the way to work. the little one couldn't have been more than 2 and was having a difficult time keeping up with his dad's long legs...ever so mindful dad stepped to the side with son so that i could pass. with a huge smile he said go ahead. immediately my mood lifted and i walked the rest of the way with a huge smile on my face. that was where it ended...or so i thought. on my way home i was looking....looking...i guess my head wasn't in the game...but then when i turned the corner and approached my yard i saw this:

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