buck buck

tonight was quite the flight of consciousness.
nothing less than what i had ever guessed was the true weight of hip hop.
the true wisdom that never stopped flowing out my soul.
that thing that grabbed a hold so long ago had no idea what it was messing with
what i had given it so that she could take flight
through sound love and light my soul is so bright it has nothing left to do but
i just rewound my game so hard i'm not even sure how to drive this
mode of my soul.
that was my baby hold that always knew i had to step back two times to find.
her wealth.
truth is weighted by pomp and circumstance
and some other dance i am not sure how to do
but with anyone but
i fly so freely when i am fluidly feeling.
i am a divine representation of everything that has ever been.
ever is
and ever will be.
connectedly representing our
listen up
i understand this shit is rough
i understand it hurts.
it jerks.
it climbs
it fights.
i understand its hard
but if
if you can tap into that resonating sense of self.
of i
and i.
you will find your wealth is so much deeper than anything you ever thought you knew
you would draw so hard from the cards of life
you'd find any strife.
whips you had to ride.
they were only a piece of the changing tide.
so since.
are a fluid piece of this universe.
you best take that wealth and pass it back through
ten hundred thousand times.
so the soul's self can unwind and find that sexy slithery fluid fuidity..
that keeps us
in line.
as one.
body mind spirit.
papa dahna.
mira mira entre de me vida.
esta bonita.
por todo vida.

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