sun. day.

a sweet day free.
i will be whatever i wished i could be and thought i could have been yesterday.
i'll deeply miss the mark of what i thought i could be today because i keep missing my mark.
i keep missing the start because i am already in race that i thought wasted too much time
but when i rewind i find
i am exactly where i was
after i fast forward to get back to where i started.
my heart got stuck.
my life got lucked.
and so i wait.
i wait for you.
i wait for me.
i wait for the freedom to believe that you are breathing at the same pace as me
and know that it's we.
i wait until i step back into that moment before i thought before and know
i'm already free.
i'm already freely feeling
i'm already freely being.
i'm already freely fluid.
i'm already freely fluid fluidity.
i am.
how else could i have gotten here.

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