Oh this day. Every emotion that could represent itself showed up today. I saw the pain, sadness and struggles of St Lucia’s children today. I saw the fear and anger of broken families. I saw the brokenness and longing of the judicial system. I saw joy, pain, heartbreak, love, loss, uncertainty. I witnessed people fighting for what they want to believe in with nothing but uncertainty in what it is they truly believe. I heard of love and abuse. Of one mother with five babies from five different fathers – holding the most precious bright-eyed, newest of the flock while she fought for custody of one of the others. I watched two of my boys who are not beyond the light I see longing to escape from the depths they’ve buried it be sent away for one year a piece to a boys residential facility in the hopes the might grown, learn, shift, shine. And then I watched as a 13 year old girl, baby girl, child had the entire court – magistrate, counsel, mother – dumbstruck. A mere child who has escaped from every facility she has been in who is lost had the entire room searching for an answer to save her life, her light, her soul. St Lucia has no residential facilities for girls – nowhere for her to go – to rest, recharge, regroup, reignite the passion and fire she should have heading into her teenage years. The motion was made to send her to the prison. The magistrate, after careful consideration, decided this decision – this monumental decision would create the necessary waves to shift the mountains that need to shift to save these girls lives. She would be the one to represent all the young girls in St Lucia who deserve the support, protection, and guidance their country owes them. At one point during all of this the judge reached out to me – as if in plea for help, for resources, for support. He pointed out how many facilities we have in the states, how many options there are for young people, and he’s right. From state-funded to exorbitant high dollar centers we’ve got hundreds. They can’t even get support for one. One center where these troubled girls can go to start to build themselves up from the inside out. And so this child, for lack of anywhere else to send her is remanded to the prison. It immediately made the news and the story is already becoming twisted, but know now – the intentions were honorable. They are not only trying to save the life of this little girl, but all those who come after her. I know I have a big purpose in this world. I know it starts here in St Lucia and I don’t know how to begin this mission but I see it and I am asking for guidance in helping these girls. Please god guide me to the resources and people I need to help.

(The first part of this day was so incredibly heavy, but that afternoon I went to the CDP to work and fell even more in love with the kids, staff, and work that I will be a part of there. I am not kidding myself that any of this work is going to unfold over night or happen easily but I know without a doubt that I am exactly where I am supposed to be and I am looking forward to the dents and waves I will create while I am here)

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