so begins the hitting of road bumps, blocks, and all things that may hinder the progression of something that seemed to be sweetly and directly on it's path. i knew this day would come. i had been warned about holding on too tight to an expectation or an outcome. the good thing is i know...in my heart and soul...without any doubt everything always works out. the longer i am here the more connected i become to that reality and the lack of worry or pushing too hard that comes with my american way. today was tough...the things i thought were agreed upon and the plans i had set forth were not. and so....i go back to the drawing board, work on not being defeated, and try again.

i think i am finally hitting that point where i am wondering what it is that i am doing and if i will really be able to make a difference here. but when i walked into the cdp and some of the kids said hello to me and smiled, i knew...it's not about the quality or quantity of what i create beyond the connections and relationships that i am building day by day.

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