sweet sunday

I took today for myself. Nervously approaching the decision to find Reduit Beach myself, and realizing how ridiculously uncomfortable I am with unknowing…uncertainty, I ventured out. I asked to reconnect with god today. To settle back into that open space of divinity that outlines my true essence. As I was walking to the bus stop I asked god to guide, to lead me thru the awkwardness that arises from uncertainty regarding exactly where one is going. Lo and behold, immediately upon crossing the street a bus is there to lead me on my way. This is incredibly uncommon on a Sunday, and I forever believing in signs give thanks for such a swift intervention. I get to town and find my way to the next bus which after asking for a little more guidance lands me at the appropriate bus stop from which I can walk to what has become my favorite beach. A beautiful, picturesque green bay full of sailboats with lush green mountains hovering protection to the left and a calming view of Pigeon Island as the backdrop across the water. I sat, swam, rested, read for hours today. Quietly alone. Only a few words left my mouth to the few passers-by who stopped to comment on my tattoos. Essentially a day of rest. To reflect quietly and work on letting go. Letting go of the holding on – the wanting, the wondering, the needing. Letting go of expectation and shape-shifting to fit into someone else’s corner. Letting go. Of the need to be someone, someway, somehow. Remembering and trusting in my essence, my nature, my beauty, my light, my truth. I forgot how comforting and peaceful a Sunday alone at the beach can be. 

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