happy merry

so many things to be thankful for this christmas eve. i am officially going to st lucia for my peace corps service. i look forward to finding out what organization i will be working with and what part of the island i will call home for the next two years. it has dawned upon me in the last few days that i will soon be saying good-bye to my friends and family for a while. certainly in a place so beautiful i will have enough visitors but there is no telling how long it will be until i see a familiar face again. it's at once incredibly exciting and kind of sad. i am grateful that i have spent my entire life moving around, seemingly in preparation for this part of my journey.

i am so grateful for the circle of support and love i have around me at this time in my life and could not be any more blessed or love than i am right now. i am grateful for the level of awareness i have and for the way the universe has supported and guided me. it's almost the beginning of a new year, and with it the beginning of an entirely new journey and new chapter. i look forward to spending as much of the next four weeks with friends and family as is possible before i take off to complete something i started 17 years ago.

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