validating inspiration to ignite my situation

the entire universe has conspired in my favor. i am going to the eastern caribbean for my peace corps service in a little more than a month. on january 28, 2011 i will be heading home. thank you universe for this vein of life i am about to tap into. i of course am going with a million ideas in my head of "ways in which" and am certain that once i get on island time i will settle a bit. as for right now i am working on five hours sleep and a head full of last night's dreams about the caribbean. i don't have specifics yet about which island i will call home for the next two years but i know my first stop will land me in st. lucia.

this entire experience has taught me something really valuable. be very conscientious about what you put out into the world, your wants, hopes, dreams, because the universe is paying attention and when it's time to deliver, it delivers big. every leg of this journey so far has been about patience and understanding. about employing the skills i try to teach on a daily level. be. here. now. what a perfect lesson to be showing up right before i head to a world where time exists of when it happens...that's when it was set to happen. i truly feel blessed to be chosen to step into such an incredible role and to live in a world that already feels so familiar to me.

for every time that i stumbled, thank you. for every time i failed, thank you. for every time i thought i can't, thank you. thank you for every single stumbling block and hurdle that made me who i am. i know those experiences and life lessons are going to come in quite handy over these next two years.

please, god, let me be an instrument of inspiration.

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